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Our office is providing state of the art laser diagnosis, and Digital X-ray for minimum radiation exposure and maximum diagnosis.

We are also providing high definition intraoral camera live video with freeze frame to help patients to understand their own oral conditions/ask questions/ document for insurance billing.

Here you see our assistant Sandy explaining to a patient what is on the chairside monitor.

Dr. Kempf is showing an area of concern to one of his patients.

Many of our clients report that they chew, smile, and speak better after correcting their oral problems. Many oral problems are often mis or un-diagnosed. It is important to have a trained professional evaluate your oral health periodically.

Here are some of the services, which define our practice:

  1. Conservative treatments including cosmetic veneers, inlays, porcelain and gold
  2. Sculpturing cosmetic fillings on the front teeth. (This is important to restore proper upper-lip form, function, and pronunciation.)
  3. TMJ, whiplash, and muscle pain headache management, including sleep management.
  4. Designing and matching cosmetic crowns/veneers to your preference and function.
  5. Cosmetic partial dentures.
  6. Metal-free restorative procedures (i.e. crowns, dentures, bridges, inlays, etc.)
  7. Cosmetic and metal-free bridge work.
  8. State of the art Sterilization Certified to recommendations set by American Dental Association (ADA) and Centers of Disease Control (CDC).
  9. Functional and Cosmetic Implant reconstruction and surgical placement.
  10. We offer you a relaxing lavender neck wrap and warm anesthetic for your comfort.


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