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"I am writing on behalf of my Dentist, Michael Kempf for the past 15 years. I have found him very reliable, He has informed me of the work to be done and did do just what He said he was going to do. Also, he told me of the charges that would be forthcoming. He and his assistant were very efficient in working together and the work was done where needed. I would recommend him to anyone."
- Dorothy C.

"I was impressed right away with how knowledgeable he was about my condition."
- Lisa R.

"I've been to many dentists in my 76 years and Dr. Kempf is my favorite. His love for his chosen profession shows in his experience, knowledge and creative work. He is fun, caring and professional as well as his office staff. I highly recommend Dr. Kempf!"
- Janet Sneider-Brown


Our office is providing state of the art laser diagnosis, and Digital X-ray for minimum radiation exposure and maximum diagnosis. We are also providing high definition intraoral camera live video with freeze frame to help patients to understand their own oral conditions/ask questions/ document for insurance billing. Here you see our assistant Sandy explaining to a patient what is on the chairside monitor. Dr. Kempf is showing an area of concern to one of his patients. Many of our … Read More

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Thank you so much for all your kindness and special treatment yesterday. It was honestly the first
time I have left a dentist office without being in tears since I was in grade school! You guys rock! See
you on Monday for...


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Meet Dr. Kempf

Michael Kempf, DDS

Dr. Kempf has provided quality dentistry to the Ashland community since February of 1981. During this time he has developed a philosophy of practice, which addresses the patient's needs, wants, and desires in a holistic manner. A smile is a positive energy that we express from within. The muscles of the face, in harmony with each other, will produce a beautiful smile. "It is our goal to provide our patients with beautiful form, efficient function, and muscular movements.

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